COVID-19 Updates

Important COVID-19 Resources & Information

  • What we’re doing to keep our community safe

    Sanitary measures

    • Your SpaceMakers have been supplied with sanitary wipes and hand sanitizers to apply before and after each appointment. In addition, SpaceMakers have been wearing disposable gloves during appointments. In our warehouses, we have been actively sanitizing commonly used surfaces.

    Appointment rescheduling

    • If you’re not feeling well, please contact customer support at 800-920-2372, and we’ll help you reschedule your appointment.

    We’re here to help

    • We’re closely monitoring information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as the World Health Organization (WHO). Your SpaceMakers are up to date and trained on the best precautionary measures. We're grateful for your cooperation while we strive to do what’s best for our community.

    Social distancing

    • Please note that your SpaceMakers are practicing social distancing. We request you to please follow this practice as well, during their onsite visits for safety. If you have an upcoming appointment, please read below. 
  • How MakeSpace is implementing social distancing

    To limit personal contact, we request that our customers receive items for delivery, as well as place items for pickup, outside their apartments, homes, or offices whenever possible. This will be standard practice as we work to ensure the safety of our customers and our SpaceMakers. 

    How does this work?

    • Our SpaceMakers will give you a call before they arrive at your home or office.
    • Whenever possible, we ask that you place all small and medium-sized items in an easily accessible location:
      • If you live in an apartment, please place your items for pickup in the hallway or lobby.
      • If you live in a house, please place them on your porch, garage, driveway, or lawn.
        • Please ensure that the selected area is safe for SpaceMakers to wrap, scan and take photos of your items.
    • Whenever possible, large furniture items should be brought to an area in close proximity to your home's entrance.  
    • All customers to wear a mask for the full duration of the appointment. 
    • Note that our SpaceMakers will make every effort to maintain a 10ft distance at all times and complete their work outside your home.
    • After completing the appointment, your SpaceMaker will ask your permission to close out the service on your behalf—so you can avoid contact with our touchscreens.
    • In case of weather or access concerns, SpaceMakers will determine if it’s safe to conduct the appointment while following the above guidelines. Our support team will help reschedule if necessary.


How does MakeSpace work?

  • How does MakeSpace Work?

    MakeSpace is a full-service storage company. This means that we pick up from and deliver to any address within the service area your market. 

    If you plan on using our durable plastic bins, we’ll send you heavy-duty bags ahead of your pickup appointment so you have time to pack. 

    During pickup, bags are placed into the bins provided by our team. Each item is assigned a unique alphanumeric number and barcode and scanned at every step along it’s journey to and from our warehouse. 

    Upon arrival at our warehouse, each barcoded item is individually measured and photographed, before being palletized and secured for long-term storage.

    This gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease your storage size without having to move items to a new space with each new pickup or delivery. We pass these cost savings onto our customers. 

    Our warehouses are under 24-hour surveillance and equipped with motion detectors, night vision, and alarms.

    For safety and security purposes, there is no public access to our warehouses.

    MakeSpace warehouses and appointments are fortified by our partnership with Iron Mountain, the leader in secure storage for nearly 70 years. 

  • How can I refer a friend and get $100 off?

    Once you’re logged in, you can find your unique friend referral link at the top of your MakeSpace account on the web, or through our iPhone app!

    You’ll see options to share your link on Facebook or Twitter, email it to a friend, or copy it if you’d like to share it elsewhere. If your friend signs up through your referral link, you will each receive a $100 credit on your next invoice after they have their first pickup appointment.

MakeSpace x Iron Mountain

  • MakeSpace and Iron Mountain Partnership

    We are pleased to announce that as of March 2019, MakeSpace has joined forces with the global leader in secure storage, Iron Mountain!

    Trusted by more than 225,000 organizations around the world, Iron Mountain has spent the last 68 years storing everything from Fortune 500 documents to precious pop-cultural artifacts—and now they’re bringing their experience and expertise to MakeSpace.

    We are fortifying our operations and facilities with their seven decades of experience in storing and protecting customer assets. This means MakeSpace is now officially the most secure and best-in-class storage solution for your stuff.

  • Information for former Stashable customers

    Stashable is now MakeSpace! We are overjoyed to welcome you to the MakeSpace family. Rest assured that your belongings remain safely stored in our warehouses, which are fortified by our partnership with Iron Mountain. Beginning on November 22, 2019, you'll have full access to MakeSpace's upgraded account features. 

    For now, your monthly storage rate isn’t changing—however, if you schedule a new pickup that changes the size of your plan, there may be a slight difference. All new items picked up after November 22nd will be photographed and included in your MakeSpace account. 

    If you have any additional questions or you'd like to schedule an appointment, a member of our Customer Support team will be happy to assist you.

Service Areas

  • What is a service area and why is it important?

    MakeSpace picks up and delivers within a defined service area in each of the metro areas we operate in. After your first MakeSpace pickup, future appointments can take place at a different address, as long as the address falls within the same service area. The best way to find out if a location is within our service area is to have an exact address in mind.

    When scheduling an appointment online, you’ll receive an alert if the requested address falls outside of our service area. If you have any questions, please call us at 800-920-2372 with any questions, and our Customer Support team can confirm whether an address is within our service area.

  • Can you move my stuff from one service area to another?

    We can only deliver your items within the service area where they were picked upwe cannot move or ship items to a different service area.

  • Can you deliver outside of my service area?

    At this time we can only deliver your items within the service area where they were picked up. We cannot move or ship items to a different service area, or to an address outside of your service area.

    If you've moved outside of the service area where your items were picked up, reach out to our Customer Support team and we’ll determine the best way to help.


  • Is my stuff protected?

    Yes. The safety of your stuff is our top priority. We’ll always handle your stuff with extra care. All storage plans include our Basic coverage ($0.60/pound) for free, or you can upgrade to one of our other monthly plans for additional coverage. But first, check out our storage rules to see what items qualify for coverage and our Terms of Service for more information about our protection plan.

    Our commitment to keeping your items safe and secure is reflected in our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

  • Can I come visit your warehouse?

    We don’t allow public access at our warehouse for security reasons. However, if you have a unique situation or would like to inquire about scheduling an appointment at our facility, please contact us at 800-920-2372.

  • How secure is your warehouse?

    Our warehouses are not open to the public. Each facility is under 24-hour surveillance, equipped with motion detectors, night vision, alarms, and fire sprinklers. Additionally, we do not allow food, liquids, and other perishable items to be stored with MakeSpace, and our facilities are regularly inspected for pests.



  • How can I let someone else access my account?

    MakeSpace accounts are intended for personal use only. Per our Terms of Service, you can’t be using MakeSpace for someone else, and you must be the owner of any property in storage.

    If you would like to authorize someone to have access to your account information, please email with that person’s name, email address, and phone number. This person will be able to communicate with MakeSpace about your account details and book/edit appointments over the phone. This does not grant this person access to your online account.

  • How do I change my account information?

    If you would like to change your phone number or password, visit

    In order to change certain secure information on your account (e-mail address or full name), simply email from the email address associated with your MakeSpace account with a breakdown of the requested changes. 

My Stuff

  • How do I navigate my account?

    You can log in to your account using the email address you signed up with. On the app or website, you can manage your account, including viewing your photos, updating your billing information, and scheduling appointments. Below are some helpful tips for navigating your account:


    Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see photos of all of your items. The most recently picked up items will automatically show at the top. Please note that you can click on each photo to enlarge it. From there, if the item has additional photos, you can swipe or click to the next photo of that item.

    If your items were picked up recently, some or all may be marked as “Processing” while our team takes photos and measures the items. Processing is typically completed 3-7 days after pickup, but may take up to 2-4 weeks during peak periods. If you have any questions about the processing of your items, let us know and we’ll be happy to provide more info.

    My Account

    From the My Account tab, you're able to update the name and phone number associated with your account, create a new password, update the credit card on file, and view past invoices. 

    Scheduling an Appointment

    To schedule a new appointment on the MakeSpace website, you can click on the Schedule Appointment icon in the upper right-hand corner. To do so from the MakeSpace iPhone app, click the circular green button with a calendar icon at the bottom of your home screen. For more information on scheduling an appointment, check out these articles:

    For more information on how to schedule an appointment, check out these articles:

    Scheduling a Pickup

    Scheduling an Empty Bin Pickup

    Scheduling a Delivery


  • What type of protection plans does MakeSpace offer?

    MakeSpace offers 4 levels of coverage for your items in storage: Basic, Silver, Gold, and Full-Value protection plans must be opted-into within 30 days of your first MakeSpace pickup appointment.

    Basic: Basic protection does not reimburse you for the actual value of items, but rather reimburses you on an item-by-item basis for $0.60 per pound of the item’s weight. For example, if one item weighed 10 pounds, it would be covered at $6.

    Silver Protection: The Silver Protection plan reimburses you up to $1,000 for Eligible Items that are lost or damaged. The Silver Protection plan will reimburse you for the actual cash value OR repair costs of your Eligible Item(s), up to $1,000. The cost of the Silver Protection plan is $15/month.

    Gold Protection: The Gold Protection plan reimburses you up to $2,000 for Eligible Items that are lost or damaged. The Gold Protection plan will reimburse you for the actual cash value OR repair costs of your Eligible Item(s), up to $2,000. The cost of the Gold Protection plan is $20/month.

    Full-Value Protection: The Full-Value Protection plan reimburses you for the actual cash value or repair costs of your eligible item(s), up to your stated value in aggregate. The cost of a full protection plan is a function of your total stated value. For more information and to request this plan, contact our Customer Support team.

    For more information on coverage options and eligible Items, check out

  • Can MakeSpace Dispose of My Items?

    MakeSpace doesn’t currently provide disposal service. However, if you’re storing items that you no longer need and would like them to be disposed of, let us know. A member of our support team will work to provide a quote for disposal. This custom fee will be based on the size of the item(s) requested for disposal, and the estimated workload.  

    When inquiring about disposal, please have the barcode numbers on hand for the items you’d like to have disposed of. Please note that disposal is not guaranteed and may not be possible for certain items.


  • What is my photo inventory?

    All items picked up by MakeSpace are photographed during processing. MakeSpace makes it easy for you to keep track of your stored items by providing you with an online photo inventory. Simply log into your account to view them.

    Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see photos of all of your items. The most recently picked up items will automatically show at the top. Many items have multiple photos. To view additional photos of an item, simply click on the thumbnail image and use the left/right arrows to scroll through.

    For MakeSpace bins: we’ll take a photo of the inner bag label, plus an overhead shot of the contents of your bin.

    For your security, we’ll never open or photograph the interior contents of your boxes, or bins not provided by MakeSpace.

  • How can I name or label my items’ photos?

    All of your items are automatically labeled with a unique barcode & alphanumeric number during pickup.

    If you would like to add a title or description to an item on your account:

    1. Click on the photo of the item that you’d like to label, then click the green Edit button.
    2. You will see two text boxes where you can type in a title and description for the item.

    Don’t forget to click Save when you’re done.

  • What if I can’t see my photos?

    If your photos aren’t showing up, try logging out and logging back into your MakeSpace account using the email you signed up with.

    If that doesn’t work, send an email to and we will ensure all photos are visible.

    Please note that items just picked up by MakeSpace will be marked as Processing, and photos won’t be visible until processing is complete.

    If no photo is available, or if you’re unable to determine the item in question from the photo provided, let us know and we’ll find the best way to help.

    Please note that we’ll never take a picture of the inside of a non-MakeSpace container. So remember to label all of your boxes and bins prior to pickup.


Customer Support


Requesting a Certificate of Insurance

  • Requesting a Certificate of Insurance

    A Certificate of Insurance (COI) provides your building's management company with a detailed overview of MakeSpace's insurance and liability coverage. If you have a MakeSpace appointment at an apartment or office building, check with your management company to determine if you need to request a Certificate of Insurance. 

    Requesting a custom COI typically takes 24-72 hours, so be sure to plan ahead!


    Requesting a Certificate of Insurance

    Once your MakeSpace appointment is scheduled, you can request a COI by logging into your account here. Please note that you can only request a COI for a scheduled appointment (you can't request one if no appointment has been scheduled). 




    Filing out the COI Request FormScreen_Shot_2020-06-27_at_3.16.51_PM_copy.png

    • The appointment address will pre-populate based on the confirmed upcoming appointment. If you haven't filled out an Apt, Unit, Floor number make sure to do so here. 



    • Name of Tenant or Homeowner is typically your name unless your building specifies otherwise. 
    • Name and Address of Certificate Holder should come directly from the sample COI you obtained from your building, or from the requirements outlined by your management company. 


    Additional Insureds


    • If your building requires additional insureds, click the 'Add' button to the right of 'Additional insureds'. This will open the optional field to add an additional insured.  



    • Be sure to click 'Add' after each additional insured is submitted (only press 'Submit' once you're ready to submit your Certificate request). 



    • Once you've added any/all Additional Insureds and you're ready to submit your COI request, click 'Submit'. 


    Next Steps

    Once your COI request has been submitted, it will be sent to our insurance provider for review. You'll receive a completed Certificate of Insurance via email within 24-72 hours. 


    In some cases, a non-custom (or generic) COI will serve as proof of coverage. If you aren't sure, you can show your management company the following generic COI: 


Appointment Pricing

  • How much to MakeSpace appointments cost?

    Your first MakeSpace pickup is always free! Beginning on July 14, 2020, all subsequent appointments (delivery and/or pickup) will cost a flat fee of $59. 

  • What are 'Busy Days' and How Do They Work?

    MakeSpace defines 'busy days' as the first three and last three days of the month. You can still book an appointment on these days, but because they see the highest appointment volume, promotional appointment pricing does not apply.

    Busy days do not apply to customers who signed up for MakeSpace after April 2020 and pay a flat-fee of $59 for all appointments 

  • Tipping your SpaceMakers

    Tipping is not required, but certainly appreciated! If you’d like to tip the SpaceMakers for a job well done, you can either give them cash at the appointment or tip through your account for up to 7 days following the appointment. Once your appointment has been completed, you'll see the option to tip your team when logged into, or on the homepage of our iOS app.

    You’ll find recommended tip values based on the duration of your appointment and the number of team members, or you can enter a custom amount.

    Whatever you choose to tip will be added to your account as a MakeSpace Service Tip, and will be charged along with your next invoice.

    Please note: 100% of your tips go directly to the team that completes your appointment. 

  • Can I pay the SpaceMakers in cash?

    All appointment fees (including the purchase of supplies) will be charged to the credit or debit card on file after your appointment is completed. While we can’t accept appointment fees in cash, you’re more than welcome to tip your SpaceMakers in cash if you’d prefer. Tipping is also available on our iPhone app and website up to 7 days following your appointment.

Modifying an Existing Appointment

  • Fees for Cancelation or Rescheduling

    If you cancel or reschedule less than 48 hours prior to the start of your scheduled appointment, you’ll be subject to a $100 fee.

    When you choose a new appointment date, arrival window availability may differ from that of your initial appointment. Keep in mind that rescheduling may make it difficult to secure a time earlier than your original appointment.

  • How do I reschedule an appointment?

    You can reschedule up to 48 hours before your appointment, either on your account or by calling us by contacting support ( Once you’re within 48 hours of your appointment, any changes will need to be made directly by our Support team.

Scheduling an Appointment

  • Helpful Tips When Scheduling an Appointment

    The following are some tips to keep in mind when booking appointments that will help your appointment go as smoothly as possible:

    • If we are picking items up, please ensure that we have a full list of items for pickup prior to the appointment. This is important for the correct amount of room to be reserved on the truck, and for our team to know which materials they may need for the appointment. For these reasons, we are unable to guarantee that we can pick up items that are not included on the list. The more details you can provide prior to the appointment, the better!
    • We are able to pick up items at your delivery appointment unless approved ahead of time. To do this, we will need to ensure that we have the room reserved on the truck for the pickup portion of the appointment and that our team brings the correct materials for the items that we’ll be picking up. Please ensure that you add a pickup to the delivery when booking. You can do this online by selecting “yes” when asked whether you’ll need anything picked up at your appointment, or feel free to call us at (800) 920-2372 to update the appointment details over the phone based on availability. 
    • Please be aware that all appointments are booked in 3-hour arrival windows. For example, if you’re scheduled for an 8-11 am appointment, our team may arrive as early as 8am or as late as 11am. If you won’t be available for the entire window, it’s best to select a different date/time.
    • We encourage you to give as much notice as possible when booking appointments, as all appointments are scheduled based on availability.
  • Scheduling a Pickup

    Note: All MakeSpace appointments are subject to availability.

    To schedule a pickup appointment, click on the blue Schedule Appointment button in the upper right-hand corner of your account and select Store More Stuff. From here, you may be prompted to enter the zip code we’re picking up from. 

    To schedule from the iOS app, click the circular green button with a calendar icon at the bottom of your home screen.

    Select how much we’ll be picking up. If you’d like to use our MakeSpace bins, enter the number of bins you need (if you won’t be storing bins, or if you already have bins AND bags packed at home, leave this field blank).

    Select the services that apply to your items and pickup location. For example: large or bulky items, fragile items, if the team will have to walk up more than one flight of stairs, etc. This is really important, because it helps us make sure we allocate enough time for our team to complete your appointment. 

    Enter the address we’ll be picking up from, and then select your preferred date and arrival window.


    If you requested MakeSpace bins for your appointment, we’ll ship reusable storage bags to your location for you to pack in advance of your pickup*. Enter the mailing address where we should ship your bags. Bags will be sent along with a packing kit via UPS, so make sure the address you select can accept UPS deliveries.

    *These bags act as bin liners that can quickly be placed in each bin during the pickup appointment (our team will bring the bins you requested to the pickup).

    On the last page, you can review all of your pickup details, including the minimum pickup fee based on your hourly rate. You can also enter any important information in the Special Instructions field (i.e. alternate contact information, parking requirements, etc). Then click Confirm Appointment and you’re all set! If you requested bins, you’ll receive a tracking number for your bags once they have shipped.

    Pickup Inventory

    Once your appointment is confirmed, you’ll be prompted to select inventory items for your pickup. Without an accurate inventory, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to take all of your items during your appointment. If the items you selected exceed the max size of your pickup, you’ll get an alert before confirming the inventory. 

    Questions? Call 800-920-2372 or email and our team will be happy to help.

  • Scheduling a Delivery

    Note: All MakeSpace appointments are subject to availability

    When requesting a delivery appointment, we advise scheduling as soon as you know the date you’d like. Scheduling at least seven days in advance will increase the likelihood of securing your preferred date and time.

    To schedule a delivery appointment, click on the blue Schedule Appointment button in the upper right-hand corner of your account and select Deliver My Stuff. This will pull up a page where you will be able to select each item you would like delivered (tip: you're able to select all items at once by clicking the Select All button in the upper left-hand corner).  

    To schedule from the MakeSpace iOS app, click the circular green button with a calendar icon at the bottom of your home screen.

    Once you've selected all the items you'd like delivered, click Schedule Delivery on the top right of the page.

    You’ll be asked if you want anything picked up during your appointment.

    Enter the address we’ll be delivering to and select your preferred date and arrival window. Then click Continue to Review.

    On the last page, you can review all of your delivery details, including the fee for delivery. Be sure to enter any relevant information for the team in the Special Instructions field (i.e. alternate contact information or parking requirements). Then click Confirm Appointment and you’re all set.

  • Scheduling an Empty Bin Pickup

    To schedule a pickup appointment for empty bins, start by logging into your account, and clicking the blue Schedule Appointment button in the upper right-hand corner, and selecting Pickup Empty Bins. (If any of the bins are full, make sure to select Store More Stuff instead.)

    Our booking system will automatically fill in the number of empty bins that you have at home.

    Select a date and arrival window for the pickup.

    On the last page, you can review all of your pickup details, including the fee for your appointment. Be sure to leave any relevant information for the team in the Special Instructions field (i.e. alternate contact information or parking requirements). Then, click Confirm Appointment and you’re all set.

    Note: Empty bin pickup appointments are subject to standard appointment fees. To avoid scheduling an empty bin pickup, you can utilize our bags at the time your items are picked up. When it’s time for your delivery, our team will wait up to 15 minutes while you remove the bags from your bins, and send them back during the appointment. You can keep the bags to reuse as you please.

  • Scheduling a delivery outside of MakeSpace's standard service area

    Note: MakeSpace is only able to guarantee appointments within our service area. 

    If you’ve moved outside of the service area where your items are being stored, we may be able to coordinate an out-of-area delivery. To inquire about setting up a delivery outside of your service area, contact our Customer Support team by phone at 800-920-2372, or via email at

    Before you call, please be prepared with the address you’d like your items delivered to, as well as a few preferred dates for your delivery. 

    Please keep in mind that out-of-area appointments are subject to approval and will incur an additional fee based on the distance from our warehouse and the size of the requested appointment. 

    What if I have MakeSpace bins?

    Any MakeSpace bins on your account must be unpacked and returned to us at the time of the appointment. If you would like to keep your bins, they’re available for purchase at $15 per bin. Just let us know before the day of your appointment if you would like to purchase the bins. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to schedule empty bin pickup appointments outside of our service area, so any bins will need to be returned during the appointment or purchased.


Storage Fees

  • What's a Prorated Charge?

    Prorated charges are one-off charges that occur when your storage increases between your regular monthly payments. If you add items to your account, you can expect to see that update reflected on your next invoice.

    To calculate a prorated storage fee, we calculate the amount of time your storage increased within the billing period.

    For example, if your established monthly invoice is $59 and you have a pickup appointment halfway through the storage month that increases the value of your storage to $79:

    Value of what you’ll be storing after your pickup: $79

    Difference between what you paid for the month before the pickup and your updated storage: $20 ($79 - $59 = $20)

    Days remaining until your next invoice: 15 days, (or 50% of the total month)

    Prorated charge on next invoice: $10.00 ($20 x .5 = $10)

    The total storage charges on your next invoice would be $89 ($79 for that month’s storage plus the $10 prorated charge from your last month).

  • How much space is left in my plan?

    You can view how much cubic footage you are storing by visiting - you’ll see how much your current plan holds and how much you are currently using.

    More questions about your current plan? Visit to speak with a Customer Support Specialist.

  • What is a storage term?

    MakeSpace’s standard product has a 3-month storage minimum—but you can get some or all of your belongings back as soon as processing is completed (this usually takes 1-5 days, but can take up to 4-6 weeks during peak periods). 

    If you need to remove anything (or everything) from storage before your minimum term is up, we’ll just charge you for the remaining time.

    Unsure of when your month minimum ends? Visit

Special Circumstances

  • My account is for a tax exempt organization - will my sales tax be waived?

    If your account is for a tax-exempt organization and you fall within a MakeSpace service area where sales tax applies, please send proof of your tax-exempt status to Once we have this information on file, we'll mark your organization as tax-exempt.

  • What happens if my account remains unpaid?

    We understand that life happens. In the event that your invoice remains unpaid at the time your next invoice is generated, a $10 delinquent fee will be added to each subsequent unpaid month.

    If your account is unpaid for longer than 30 days, your items will be at risk of being sold at auction. Before this happens, we’ll make multiple attempts to contact you by phone and email to assist in updating your billing information. 

    In the event that your items are sold at auction, you’ll still be required to pay any remaining outstanding balance. 

    If you are having trouble making payments, please contact our billing department at 917-624-9833 to discuss your options.

  • What happens if my account is unpaid?

    If your account is unpaid, you’ll be unable to schedule further appointments or retrieve items until all outstanding invoices have been paid.

    Possible reasons why an account shows as Unpaid:

    • Expired credit card information
    • Incomplete or incorrect billing information
    • Insufficient funds
    • Blocked charges from your bank

    If your account is unpaid, we recommend you:

    • Visit your billing page at to verify and/or update your credit card information.
    • Contact your bank to verify that they’re not blocking charges from MakeSpace. 
    • Give our Billing team a call at 917-624-9833 to discuss in further detail.

General Billing Questions

  • What methods of payment are acceptable?

    We accept credit and debit cards for all one-time and recurring charges. We do not accept prepaid cards, nor do we accept payment by cash, bank check, or certified check. If you are having trouble making payments, please contact our billing department at 917-624-9833 to discuss your options.

  • $100 Pre-Authorization Hold for New Customers

    When you schedule your first MakeSpace appointment, a $100 hold placed onto your account to ensure the card is active. This temporary hold will fall off of your account in 1-5 business days, and you won't see your first MakeSpace invoice until after your items have been picked up and processed. 

Preparing for Your Pickup

Preparing for your Pickup Appointment

  • What will I need to do before my pickup?

    It is important that we know in advance what items we’ll be picking up. This will ensure enough time is allocated to your appointment, and our SpaceMakers are prepared to take all the expected items. If there are unexpected items that our team cannot take, a follow-up pickup appointment may be required (follow up appointments due to incomplete/inaccurate inventory are subject to standard pickup fees) 

    Once we know what items we’re picking up, we’ll be happy to provide an estimate of the supplies that may need to be purchased prior to or during your appointment, as well as the pickup cost.


    To make sure your appointment goes as smoothly as possible, we recommend the following:

    • Check with your building to see if MakeSpace needs to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) before the appointment. And if an elevator/moving time needs to be reserved.
    • Air conditioning units and refrigerators must be unplugged at least 24 hours before your appointment to ensure they’re fully drained, and cleaned of any moisture and debris. 
    • Pack all of your bags and boxes before your appointment. Do not overpack. Cardboard boxes and MakeSpace bags should not exceed 40lbs.
    • If possible, disassemble furniture items beforehand as disassembly adds to your appointment time. Please note that disassembly is provided if necessary for safe transport and storage of your items. Upon delivery, you will be responsible for re-assembling items.
    • Label any bins and boxes to ensure they’re easily identifiable later on. 
    • Double-check that you’re not storing any items that violate our storage rules. This includes any food, liquids, and illegal or hazardous items. 
    • Empty dresser drawers, desks, filing cabinets, etc, making sure to remove any items you might have stored inside of your furniture. 
    • Remove any items that are mounted to the walls, such as paintings, shelves, TV’s, etc.

    Check out my stuff online or on the iOS app to review your appointment details.

  • Can SpaceMakers disassemble my furniture?

    SpaceMakers come prepared with standard tools, and are typically able to disassemble furniture items listed in your appointment inventory. 

    Furniture that requires specialized tools or advanced disassembly may not be eligible for disassembly by MakeSpace. 

    Please keep in mind that while disassembly is necessary to ensure items are safely transported and stored, MakeSpace does not offer reassembly service at the time of delivery

MakeSpace Bags

  • What are MakeSpace bags and how do they work?

    Want to store your items in MakeSpace bins? No problem! We’ll send you free, reusable bags to pack your items. They’re designed to fit into bins of the same size, making pickups quicker and deliveries less cluttered.

    When scheduling a Pickup appointment, you’ll have the option to request MakeSpace bags in advance. We’ll send you bags, and our helpful packing kits, in advance of your Pickup to give you time to pack. 

    Packing kits are delivered by UPS prior to your appointment, and can be delivered to any address that accepts packages (no PO Boxes, please). 

    During your Pickup, our SpaceMakers will place your packed bags into bins, and secure them for transport and storage. 

    When it’s time for your delivery, you’ll have up to 15 minutes to pull your bags out of the bins and send them back with our team, saving you from the hassle and added expense of scheduling an empty bin pickup appointment.  

    You can keep your bags for free and reuse them as you please. They’re great for laundry or grocery shopping—plus, they’re collapsible so you can store them away without them taking up space.

    For more information on MakeSpace bags, go here.

  • How can I get more bags and bins?

    After you’ve scheduled a pickup appointment, we’ll send you as many bags and bins as you need via UPS. If you need more, call us at 800-920-2372 and we’ll try to send them before your appointment. If we’re unable to get them to you before your appointment, SpaceMakers will bring up to 5 bags and bins for you to pack during your appointment.

  • What if my bag doesn't fit in a bin?

    If your bag doesn’t fit into a bin, you’ll be responsible for reorganizing your belongings into existing/additional bags. To avoid prolonging the pickup appointment, it’s important that you follow our packing guidelines and avoid overpacking.

  • How should I pack my bags?

    It’s extremely important that you don’t overpack, as our bags are designed to fit into bins of the same size, and have a weight limit of 40 pounds. This means no misshapen bags stuffed with oddly shaped items like guitars or blow-up pool toys.

    You can use the labels provided in your packing kit to quickly label the contents of each bag. This may seem like an extra step, but it will be really important in helping you easily identify items to be delivered down the road.


  • What is the best way to pack a MakeSpace bin?
    • Try to distribute weight across your bins. Spread heavier items, such as books, across several bins to ensure the bins won't be under too much stress. Keep in mind, we can't take bins weighing over 40 lbs.
    • Pack items together that you'll likely want back at the same time (and make sure you label your bins, too). For example, if you have a dress that you love to wear with a specific pair of heels, pack them together. Put your rain boots with your umbrella. Pack all your Thanksgiving serving pieces together.
    • Roll, don't fold, items like T-shirts or towels to maximize space and reduce wrinkles. Stuff socks and other small items into your shoes, sneakers, and boots to maximize bin or box space and help these items keep their shape.
    • Packing clothes in vacuum-sealed bags is a great way to protect cloth items and make the most of your available space!
  • Can I store items that don’t fit inside a bin at MakeSpace?

    We can store almost anything, from furniture to bicycles, golf clubs to luggage. As long as it doesn't violate our storage rules, we can store it. We don’t store drugs, liquid, food or perishables, explosives, guns, flammables, animals, insects, fungal or bacterial cultures, hazardous or toxic items.

  • Do I have to use MakeSpace bins/bags?

    While not required, we highly recommend using our bins to store any items that will fit in one. These bins are sturdy and help protect your items during transport and storage. You’re welcome to use your own box or bin, but please note that, we only take photos of the interior of our bins.

  • How do I know how many MakeSpace bins I need?

    A MakeSpace bin is three cubic feet, and its dimensions are 27” length x 17” width x 12.5” height. A single bin can hold 12 pairs of shoes, or 30 shirts and 10 sweaters.

    Still not sure what fits inside a bin? Call 800-920-2372 or email and a member of our Customer Support team will assist you.

    If you’d like to store heavier items such as books, please spread them across several bins to avoid exceeding 40lbs.

Packing Supplies

  • What packing supplies do you provide, and how much do they cost?

    SpaceMakers will come to your appointment with specialty supplies like TV boxes, wardrobe boxes, lamp boxes, and mattress bags. Supplies are $15 each—but bins, blankets, and bin liner bags are free to use.

    If you do not want to use or pay for our specialty supplies then you should make sure that your item is packed and prepared in your own box or bag. If not we will not be able to accept your item.

  • Do I have to purchase boxes & mattress bags from MakeSpace?

    No! It’s not required, but we cannot take items like TVs, mirrors, artwork, or lamps without them being properly packed in a sturdy and secure box. If you do not want to use our boxes, please have them packed before your appointment. 

    If you’d like to find an alternative, we suggest checking your local hardware store or a national chain such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. Online retailers such as Amazon and Jet also offer an array of options at multiple price points.

  • If I purchase supplies during my pickup, will MakeSpace pack them for me?

    Our SpaceMakers will be happy to securely wrap and pack larger items like TVs, artwork, mirrors, lamps, and mattresses, as well as help transfer hanging clothing into wardrobe boxes during your appointment. You’ll need to pack smaller items such as dishes, silverware, and clothing before or, if time allows, during your pickup appointment.

  • When will I be charged for the supplies used during my appointment?

    Supply charges, as well as any applicable appointment fees, will automatically be charged to the credit or debit card on file within 24 hours of your appointment.

Preparing for Your Delivery

Preparing for Your Delivery Appointment

  • Will SpaceMakers Reassemble My Furniture?

    Unfortunately SpaceMakers aren’t able to reassemble furniture during your delivery appointment.

  • Returning Your Bins

    You’ll have 15 minutes to empty your bins during delivery. If you need longer than that you will need to set up a separate pickup appointment. Keep in mind that standard pickup rates apply. We ask that bins are returned within 7 days of delivery. If you’d like to keep your bins, they’re available for purchase at $15 each.

  • What will I need to do before my delivery?

    Ensure you are on-site and available to receive our team during the entire 3-hour arrival window. If you live in an apartment building, reserve the service elevator and/or loading dock accordingly.

    If you stored MakeSpace bins, be prepared to unpack bags and remove your contents from the MakeSpace bins during the appointment. SpaceMakers can wait up to 15 minutes while you unpack bins during delivery. If you need more time to return your bins, you can schedule an empty bin pickup appointment (subject to standard appointment fees).