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How can I schedule a new pickup appointment?

Note: All MakeSpace appointments are subject to availability.

To schedule a pickup appointment, click on the blue Schedule Appointment button in the upper right-hand corner of your account and select Store More Stuff. From here, you may be prompted to enter the zip code we’re picking up from. 

To schedule from the iOS app, click the circular green button with a calendar icon at the bottom of your home screen.

Select how much we’ll be picking up. If you’d like to use our MakeSpace bins, enter the number of bins you need (if you won’t be storing bins, or if you already have bins AND bags packed at home, leave this field blank).

Select the services that apply to your items and pickup location. For example: large or bulky items, fragile items, if the team will have to walk up more than one flight of stairs, etc. This is really important, because it helps us make sure we allocate enough time for our team to complete your appointment. 

Enter the address we’ll be picking up from, and then select your preferred date and arrival window.


If you requested MakeSpace bins for your appointment, we’ll ship reusable storage bags to your location for you to pack in advance of your pickup*. Enter the mailing address where we should ship your bags. Bags will be sent along with a packing kit via UPS, so make sure the address you select can accept UPS deliveries.

*These bags act as bin liners that can quickly be placed in each bin during the pickup appointment (our team will bring the bins you requested to the pickup).

On the last page, you can review all of your pickup details, including the minimum pickup fee based on your hourly rate. You can also enter any important information in the Special Instructions field (i.e. alternate contact information, parking requirements, etc). Then click Confirm Appointment and you’re all set! If you requested bins, you’ll receive a tracking number for your bags once they have shipped.

Pickup Inventory

Once your appointment is confirmed, you’ll be prompted to select inventory items for your pickup. Without an accurate inventory, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to take all of your items during your appointment. If the items you selected exceed the max size of your pickup, you’ll get an alert before confirming the inventory. 

Questions? Contact MakeSpace Support and our team will be happy to help.

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