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What are MakeSpace bags and how do they work?

Want to store your items in MakeSpace bins? No problem! We’ll send you free, reusable bags to pack your items. They’re designed to fit into bins of the same size, making pickups quicker and deliveries less cluttered.

When scheduling a Pickup appointment, you’ll have the option to request MakeSpace bags in advance. We’ll send you bags, and our helpful packing kits, in advance of your Pickup to give you time to pack. 

Packing kits are delivered by UPS prior to your appointment, and can be delivered to any address that accepts packages (no PO Boxes, please). 

During your Pickup, our SpaceMakers will place your packed bags into bins, and secure them for transport and storage. 

When it’s time for your delivery, you’ll have up to 15 minutes to pull your bags out of the bins and send them back with our team, saving you from the hassle and added expense of scheduling an empty bin pickup appointment.  

You can keep your bags for free and reuse them as you please. They’re great for laundry or grocery shopping—plus, they’re collapsible so you can store them away without them taking up space.

For more information on MakeSpace bags, go here.

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