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How does MakeSpace Work?

MakeSpace is a full-service storage company. This means that we pick up from and deliver to any address within the service area for your market. 

If you plan on using our durable plastic bins, we’ll send you heavy-duty bags ahead of your pickup appointment so you have time to pack. 

During pickup, bags are placed into the bins provided by our team. Each item is assigned a unique alphanumeric number and barcode and scanned at every step along it’s journey to and from our warehouse. 

Upon arrival at our warehouse, each barcoded item is individually measured and photographed, before being palletized and secured for long-term storage.

This gives you the flexibility to increase or decrease your storage size without having to move items to a new space with each new pickup or delivery. We pass these cost savings onto our customers. 

Our warehouses are under 24-hour surveillance and equipped with motion detectors, night vision, and alarms.

For safety and security purposes, there is no public access to our warehouses.

MakeSpace warehouses and appointments are fortified by our partnership with Iron Mountain, the leader in secure storage for nearly 70 years. 

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