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How can I schedule an appointment to return empty bins?

To schedule a pickup appointment for empty bins, start by logging into your account, and clicking the blue Schedule Appointment button in the upper right-hand corner, and selecting Pickup Empty Bins. (If any of the bins are full, make sure to select Store More Stuff instead.)

Our booking system will automatically fill in the number of empty bins that you have at home.

Select a date and arrival window for the pickup.

On the last page, you can review all of your pickup details, including the fee for your appointment. Be sure to leave any relevant information for the team in the Special Instructions field (i.e. alternate contact information or parking requirements). Then, click Confirm Appointment and you’re all set.

Note: Empty bin pickup appointments are subject to standard appointment fees. To avoid scheduling an empty bin pickup, you can utilize our bags at the time your items are picked up. When it’s time for your delivery, our team will wait up to 15 minutes while you remove the bags from your bins, and send them back during the appointment. You can keep the bags to reuse as you please.

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