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Can I tip my SpaceMakers through the web or iOS account?

Tipping is not required, but certainly appreciated! If you’d like to tip the SpaceMakers for a job well done, you can either give them cash at the appointment or tip through your account for up to 7 days following the appointment.

Once your appointment has been completed, you'll see the option to tip your team when logged into, or on the homepage of our iOS app.


You’ll find recommended tip values based on the duration of your appointment and the number of team members, or you can enter a custom amount.



Once you've selected the desired tip amount, click 'Confirm Tip'.

Whatever you choose to tip will be added to your account as a MakeSpace Service Tip, and will be charged along with your next invoice.

Please note: 100% of your tips go directly to the team that completes your appointment. 

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