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What's a Prorated Charge?

Prorated charges are one-off charges that occur when your storage increases between your regular monthly payments. If you add items to your account, you can expect to see that update reflected on your next invoice.

To calculate a prorated storage fee, we calculate the amount of time your storage increased within the billing period.

For example, if your established monthly invoice is $59 and you have a pickup appointment halfway through the storage month that increases the value of your storage to $79:

Value of what you’ll be storing after your pickup: $79

Difference between what you paid for the month before the pickup and your updated storage: $20 ($79 - $59 = $20)

Days remaining until your next invoice: 15 days, (or 50% of the total month)

Prorated charge on next invoice: $10.00 ($20 x .5 = $10)

The total storage charges on your next invoice would be $89 ($79 for that month’s storage plus the $10 prorated charge from your last month).

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