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How much will my appointment cost, and when will I be charged?

Your appointment cost is determined by the total cubic feet of all items getting picked up and/or delivered. This includes items you take out and return back to storage in the same appointment.

For example, if you schedule a pickup of 20 medium-sized boxes, each measuring 4ft³, the total cubic feet of your appointment would be 80ft³. Based on the chart below, your total appointment cost will be $149.

What if I'm having items picked up and delivered at the same time?

Now let's say you want to have those 20 boxes delivered back to you, and in the same appointment have a small 2-seater sofa picked up and put into storage. The cost of this appointment will be determined by the total cubic feet of the 20 boxes plus the sofa. We know from the above example that your 20 boxes equals 80ft³, and based on our storage calculator we can see that a 2-seater sofa measures 62ft³. The total of all items scheduled for pickup and delivery comes out to 142ft³. Based on the chart below, this appointment will cost $299.


If you're unsure how much your appointment will cost, or would like help with scheduling, our Customer Support team is standing by to assist!

When will I be charged?

Your appointment fee will charge automatically to the card on file immediately after your appointment is completed.

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