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When will I be charged?

When you schedule your first MakeSpace appointment, we’ll charge your credit or debit card for the estimated first month of storage based on the predicted volume of the items you told us we’re picking up. (Note that this charge is based on your estimated storage plan—your plan size won’t be confirmed until your items are picked up and measured).

The initial charge is then converted into a payment credit which future charges will be deducted from.

For example:

If you’re quoted for a 5x5 storage plan at $109/mo, we’ll charge your card for $109 as soon as your appointment is booked. That initial charge is converted into a payment credit of $109.

If you store fewer items and end up in, say, a 2x4 at $89/mo, we'll deduct $89 from your $109 payment credit for your first month's invoice. The remaining $20 credit will roll over to your next charge.

If you add items and end up in a larger storage plan, say, a 5x10 at $129/mo, you’ll be charged for the difference ($20 in this example) as soon as your items are processed.

Additional questions:

What if I purchase supplies at my Pickup appointment?

  • If you decide to purchase supplies (ex: TV boxes, mattress bags, etc) during your appointment, the charge will be deducted from your payment credit as soon as the appointment is completed. 

What if I end up in a larger plan than I was quoted?

  • We’ll charge you for the difference once your items are processed and your plan size is confirmed.

What if I end up in a smaller plan than I was quoted?

  • The additional credit will remain on your account and will be deducted from your next charge—typically your second month of storage.

What if I cancel my pickup appointment?

  • As long as your appointment is canceled at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled start date, we’ll refund you the full amount. If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, we’ll refund you the deposit, less the $100 cancelation fee.

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