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My property was damaged during the appointment, how do I file a claim?

If your property (walls, floors, etc.) receives damage during an appointment, we consider this “property damage,” and we take this matter very seriously. Please know that you have the option to file a claim for the damages and will be working directly with our Claims team for review and resolution.

To initiate a “Property Damage” claim, please fill our or Claims Form as soon as possible. It will ask for the following information:

  1. Date of the appointment
  2. List of damaged property (walls, floors, etc.)
  3. Description of how the damage occurred
  4. Estimated Cost of Repair
  5. Photos of the Damaged Property
  6. Quote to Repair the Property
  7. Any relevant photos, documentation, and repair quotes.

In the event that the estimated cost of repair is greater than $300, we kindly request that you provide 2 repair quotes that itemize and outline the associated costs to ensure accuracy and competitive pricing.

With any further questions, our Claims Team is standing by to assist.

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