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How can I add or remove items from my pickup inventory?

Adding or removing items from your pickup inventory

You can edit the items scheduled to be picked up directly through your account on our website or iPhone app.

Editing your pickup inventory on

To edit your pickup inventory on, click 'Edit Appointment Inventory' and add/remove items from the available options. Be as detailed as possible to ensure our SpaceMakers are prepared to take all items during your appointment. We recommend finalizing your pickup inventory at least 5 days in advance to ensure a smooth appointment. 

*Keep in mind that editing your inventory too close to your appointment date may require rescheduling to a later date. If the existing date and time is no longer available based on the updated inventory, you'll see a prompt to reschedule.  

Editing your pickup inventory on the MakeSpace app

  • Under your appointment details, click 'Edit'. 
  • Click 'Storage' to view your current pickup inventory and make any changes. 
  • To add items, you can search by room, or use the 'Item Search' field. 
  • Once you've finalized your pickup inventory, click 'Save Changes'.
    • Note that changes to your inventory may require you to reschedule your existing appointment date. 


Keep in mind that you're not currently able to add a pickup request to an existing delivery appointment. 

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