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One of my requested items was not delivered, what should I do next?

If you believe a requested item was not delivered, we ask that you first check your account to determine if the item is still in storage. If you don’t see the item on your account, please notify us right away so we can launch an investigation. Please provide a detailed description of the item, as well as the date it was picked up by our team. After a thorough investigation, if the items will not be available for re-delivery in a reasonable amount of time, you are welcome to proceed with filing a claim.

To initiate this process, please log into your account and visit our Claims Submission Portal

For a missing item, we require a receipt, or weblink to the item, as well as any additional photos or documents to be submitted for review within the Claims form. You must initiate a claim within fourteen (14) days of the intended delivery of the item(s) and provide any additional information requested by MakeSpace in a timely manner to facilitate the claims process.

The process generally takes about four weeks from the time we’ve collected all the information.


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