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Can MakeSpace dispose of my items or provide junking services?

MakeSpace offers a few special disposal services depending on the type of item(s) you'd like to dispose of. 

These are add-on services that can only be included with a standard MakeSpace appointment, or once your items are already in storage—we cannot currently set up an appointment solely for disposal. 

Types of Disposal Services


MakeSpace does provide junking for items you may want to be removed during your pickup appointment, but that you do not want to store. Junking rates*:

  • Small Items $25/item: For small items that can fit in a bag, box, or tote.
  • Medium Items: $75/item: For medium-sized items that can be carried by one person. 
  • Large Items: $150/item: For large items that need two people to carry.


Confidential disposal of paper documents. Shredding is $30 per standard banker box*.

IT Equipment Disposal

Confidential disposal of IT items like phones and computers. IT Equipment Disposal/SITAD disposal is $30 per item*.

Confidential Plastics Disposal

Confidential disposal of plastic items such as credit cards or prescription bottles. Plastics disposal is $30 per box*.

Requesting Disposal Service

Contact MakeSpace Support if you'd like to request disposal service during an upcoming appointment or for items currently in storage.

When inquiring about disposal for items already in storage, please have the barcode numbers on hand for the items you’d like to have disposed of. 

*Prices subject to change

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