Requesting a Certificate of Insurance

  • Requesting a Certificate of Insurance

    A Certificate of Insurance (COI) provides your building's management company with a detailed overview of MakeSpace's insurance and liability coverage. If you have a MakeSpace appointment at an apartment or office building, check with your management company to determine if you need to request a Certificate of Insurance. 

    Requesting a custom COI typically takes 24-72 hours, so be sure to plan ahead!


    Requesting a Certificate of Insurance

    Once your MakeSpace appointment is scheduled, you can request a COI by logging into your account here. Please note that you can only request a COI for a scheduled appointment (you can't request one if no appointment has been scheduled). 




    Filing out the COI Request FormScreen_Shot_2020-06-27_at_3.16.51_PM_copy.png

    • The appointment address will pre-populate based on the confirmed upcoming appointment. If you haven't filled out an Apt, Unit, Floor number make sure to do so here. 



    • Name of Tenant or Homeowner is typically your name unless your building specifies otherwise. 
    • Name and Address of Certificate Holder should come directly from the sample COI you obtained from your building, or from the requirements outlined by your management company. 


    Additional Insureds


    • If your building requires additional insureds, click the 'Add' button to the right of 'Additional insureds'. This will open the optional field to add an additional insured.  



    • Be sure to click 'Add' after each additional insured is submitted (only press 'Submit' once you're ready to submit your Certificate request). 



    • Once you've added any/all Additional Insureds and you're ready to submit your COI request, click 'Submit'. 


    Next Steps

    Once your COI request has been submitted, it will be sent to our insurance provider for review. You'll receive a completed Certificate of Insurance via email within 24-72 hours. 


    In some cases, a non-custom (or generic) COI will serve as proof of coverage. If you aren't sure, you can show your management company the following generic COI: 


Appointment Pricing

  • How much to MakeSpace appointments cost?

    Your first MakeSpace pickup is always free! Beginning on July 14, 2020, all subsequent appointments (delivery and/or pickup) will cost a flat fee of $59. 

  • What are 'Busy Days' and How Do They Work?

    MakeSpace defines 'busy days' as the first three and last three days of the month. You can still book an appointment on these days, but because they see the highest appointment volume, promotional appointment pricing does not apply.

    Busy days do not apply to customers who signed up for MakeSpace after April 2020 and pay a flat-fee of $59 for all appointments 

  • Tipping your SpaceMakers

    Tipping is not required, but certainly appreciated! If you’d like to tip the SpaceMakers for a job well done, you can either give them cash at the appointment or tip through your account for up to 7 days following the appointment. Once your appointment has been completed, you'll see the option to tip your team when logged into, or on the homepage of our iOS app.

    You’ll find recommended tip values based on the duration of your appointment and the number of team members, or you can enter a custom amount.

    Whatever you choose to tip will be added to your account as a MakeSpace Service Tip, and will be charged along with your next invoice.

    Please note: 100% of your tips go directly to the team that completes your appointment. 

  • Can I pay the SpaceMakers in cash?

    All appointment fees (including the purchase of supplies) will be charged to the credit or debit card on file after your appointment is completed. While we can’t accept appointment fees in cash, you’re more than welcome to tip your SpaceMakers in cash if you’d prefer. Tipping is also available on our iPhone app and website up to 7 days following your appointment.

Modifying an Existing Appointment

  • Fees for Cancelation or Rescheduling

    If you cancel or reschedule less than 48 hours prior to the start of your scheduled appointment, you’ll be subject to a $100 fee.

    When you choose a new appointment date, arrival window availability may differ from that of your initial appointment. Keep in mind that rescheduling may make it difficult to secure a time earlier than your original appointment.

  • How do I reschedule an appointment?

    You can reschedule up to 48 hours before your appointment, either on your account or by calling us by contacting support ( Once you’re within 48 hours of your appointment, any changes will need to be made directly by our Support team.

Scheduling an Appointment

  • Helpful Tips When Scheduling an Appointment

    The following are some tips to keep in mind when booking appointments that will help your appointment go as smoothly as possible:

    • If we are picking items up, please ensure that we have a full list of items for pickup prior to the appointment. This is important for the correct amount of room to be reserved on the truck, and for our team to know which materials they may need for the appointment. For these reasons, we are unable to guarantee that we can pick up items that are not included on the list. The more details you can provide prior to the appointment, the better!
    • We are able to pick up items at your delivery appointment unless approved ahead of time. To do this, we will need to ensure that we have the room reserved on the truck for the pickup portion of the appointment and that our team brings the correct materials for the items that we’ll be picking up. Please ensure that you add a pickup to the delivery when booking. You can do this online by selecting “yes” when asked whether you’ll need anything picked up at your appointment, or feel free to call us at (800) 920-2372 to update the appointment details over the phone based on availability. 
    • Please be aware that all appointments are booked in 3-hour arrival windows. For example, if you’re scheduled for an 8-11 am appointment, our team may arrive as early as 8am or as late as 11am. If you won’t be available for the entire window, it’s best to select a different date/time.
    • We encourage you to give as much notice as possible when booking appointments, as all appointments are scheduled based on availability.
  • Scheduling a Pickup

    Note: All MakeSpace appointments are subject to availability.

    To schedule a pickup appointment, click on the blue Schedule Appointment button in the upper right-hand corner of your account and select Store More Stuff. From here, you may be prompted to enter the zip code we’re picking up from. 

    To schedule from the iOS app, click the circular green button with a calendar icon at the bottom of your home screen.

    Select how much we’ll be picking up. If you’d like to use our MakeSpace bins, enter the number of bins you need (if you won’t be storing bins, or if you already have bins AND bags packed at home, leave this field blank).

    Select the services that apply to your items and pickup location. For example: large or bulky items, fragile items, if the team will have to walk up more than one flight of stairs, etc. This is really important, because it helps us make sure we allocate enough time for our team to complete your appointment. 

    Enter the address we’ll be picking up from, and then select your preferred date and arrival window.


    If you requested MakeSpace bins for your appointment, we’ll ship reusable storage bags to your location for you to pack in advance of your pickup*. Enter the mailing address where we should ship your bags. Bags will be sent along with a packing kit via UPS, so make sure the address you select can accept UPS deliveries.

    *These bags act as bin liners that can quickly be placed in each bin during the pickup appointment (our team will bring the bins you requested to the pickup).

    On the last page, you can review all of your pickup details, including the minimum pickup fee based on your hourly rate. You can also enter any important information in the Special Instructions field (i.e. alternate contact information, parking requirements, etc). Then click Confirm Appointment and you’re all set! If you requested bins, you’ll receive a tracking number for your bags once they have shipped.

    Pickup Inventory

    Once your appointment is confirmed, you’ll be prompted to select inventory items for your pickup. Without an accurate inventory, we can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to take all of your items during your appointment. If the items you selected exceed the max size of your pickup, you’ll get an alert before confirming the inventory. 

    Questions? Call 800-920-2372 or email and our team will be happy to help.

  • Scheduling a Delivery

    Note: All MakeSpace appointments are subject to availability

    When requesting a delivery appointment, we advise scheduling as soon as you know the date you’d like. Scheduling at least seven days in advance will increase the likelihood of securing your preferred date and time.

    To schedule a delivery appointment, click on the blue Schedule Appointment button in the upper right-hand corner of your account and select Deliver My Stuff. This will pull up a page where you will be able to select each item you would like delivered (tip: you're able to select all items at once by clicking the Select All button in the upper left-hand corner).  

    To schedule from the MakeSpace iOS app, click the circular green button with a calendar icon at the bottom of your home screen.

    Once you've selected all the items you'd like delivered, click Schedule Delivery on the top right of the page.

    You’ll be asked if you want anything picked up during your appointment.

    Enter the address we’ll be delivering to and select your preferred date and arrival window. Then click Continue to Review.

    On the last page, you can review all of your delivery details, including the fee for delivery. Be sure to enter any relevant information for the team in the Special Instructions field (i.e. alternate contact information or parking requirements). Then click Confirm Appointment and you’re all set.

  • Scheduling an Empty Bin Pickup

    To schedule a pickup appointment for empty bins, start by logging into your account, and clicking the blue Schedule Appointment button in the upper right-hand corner, and selecting Pickup Empty Bins. (If any of the bins are full, make sure to select Store More Stuff instead.)

    Our booking system will automatically fill in the number of empty bins that you have at home.

    Select a date and arrival window for the pickup.

    On the last page, you can review all of your pickup details, including the fee for your appointment. Be sure to leave any relevant information for the team in the Special Instructions field (i.e. alternate contact information or parking requirements). Then, click Confirm Appointment and you’re all set.

    Note: Empty bin pickup appointments are subject to standard appointment fees. To avoid scheduling an empty bin pickup, you can utilize our bags at the time your items are picked up. When it’s time for your delivery, our team will wait up to 15 minutes while you remove the bags from your bins, and send them back during the appointment. You can keep the bags to reuse as you please.

  • Scheduling a delivery outside of MakeSpace's standard service area

    Note: MakeSpace is only able to guarantee appointments within our service area. 

    If you’ve moved outside of the service area where your items are being stored, we may be able to coordinate an out-of-area delivery. To inquire about setting up a delivery outside of your service area, contact our Customer Support team by phone at 800-920-2372, or via email at

    Before you call, please be prepared with the address you’d like your items delivered to, as well as a few preferred dates for your delivery. 

    Please keep in mind that out-of-area appointments are subject to approval and will incur an additional fee based on the distance from our warehouse and the size of the requested appointment. 

    What if I have MakeSpace bins?

    Any MakeSpace bins on your account must be unpacked and returned to us at the time of the appointment. If you would like to keep your bins, they’re available for purchase at $15 per bin. Just let us know before the day of your appointment if you would like to purchase the bins. Unfortunately, we aren’t able to schedule empty bin pickup appointments outside of our service area, so any bins will need to be returned during the appointment or purchased.