Preparing for your Pickup Appointment

  • What will I need to do before my pickup?

    It is important that we know in advance what items we’ll be picking up. This will ensure enough time is allocated to your appointment, and our SpaceMakers are prepared to take all the expected items. If there are unexpected items that our team cannot take, a follow-up pickup appointment may be required (follow up appointments due to incomplete/inaccurate inventory are subject to standard pickup fees) 

    Once we know what items we’re picking up, we’ll be happy to provide an estimate of the supplies that may need to be purchased prior to or during your appointment, as well as the pickup cost.


    To make sure your appointment goes as smoothly as possible, we recommend the following:

    • Check with your building to see if MakeSpace needs to provide a Certificate of Insurance (COI) before the appointment. And if an elevator/moving time needs to be reserved.
    • Air conditioning units and refrigerators must be unplugged at least 24 hours before your appointment to ensure they’re fully drained, and cleaned of any moisture and debris. 
    • Pack all of your bags and boxes before your appointment. Do not overpack. Cardboard boxes and MakeSpace bags should not exceed 40lbs.
    • If possible, disassemble furniture items beforehand as disassembly adds to your appointment time. Please note that disassembly is provided if necessary for safe transport and storage of your items. Upon delivery, you will be responsible for re-assembling items.
    • Label any bins and boxes to ensure they’re easily identifiable later on. 
    • Double-check that you’re not storing any items that violate our storage rules. This includes any food, liquids, and illegal or hazardous items. 
    • Empty dresser drawers, desks, filing cabinets, etc, making sure to remove any items you might have stored inside of your furniture. 
    • Remove any items that are mounted to the walls, such as paintings, shelves, TV’s, etc.

    Check out my stuff online or on the iOS app to review your appointment details.

  • Can SpaceMakers disassemble my furniture?

    SpaceMakers come prepared with standard tools, and are typically able to disassemble furniture items listed in your appointment inventory. 

    Furniture that requires specialized tools or advanced disassembly may not be eligible for disassembly by MakeSpace. 

    Please keep in mind that while disassembly is necessary to ensure items are safely transported and stored, MakeSpace does not offer reassembly service at the time of delivery

MakeSpace Bags

  • What are MakeSpace bags and how do they work?

    Want to store your items in MakeSpace bins? No problem! We’ll send you free, reusable bags to pack your items. They’re designed to fit into bins of the same size, making pickups quicker and deliveries less cluttered.

    When scheduling a Pickup appointment, you’ll have the option to request MakeSpace bags in advance. We’ll send you bags, and our helpful packing kits, in advance of your Pickup to give you time to pack. 

    Packing kits are delivered by UPS prior to your appointment, and can be delivered to any address that accepts packages (no PO Boxes, please). 

    During your Pickup, our SpaceMakers will place your packed bags into bins, and secure them for transport and storage. 

    When it’s time for your delivery, you’ll have up to 15 minutes to pull your bags out of the bins and send them back with our team, saving you from the hassle and added expense of scheduling an empty bin pickup appointment.  

    You can keep your bags for free and reuse them as you please. They’re great for laundry or grocery shopping—plus, they’re collapsible so you can store them away without them taking up space.

    For more information on MakeSpace bags, go here.

  • How can I get more bags and bins?

    After you’ve scheduled a pickup appointment, we’ll send you the requested number of bags via UPS. If you need more, contact us and we’ll determine if there is enough time to ship the bags prior to your existing appointment date.

    If we’re unable to get them sent to you before your appointment, SpaceMakers will bring up to 5 bags and bins for you to pack during your appointment.

  • What if my bag doesn't fit in a bin?

    If your bag doesn’t fit into a bin, you’ll be responsible for reorganizing your belongings into existing/additional bags. To avoid prolonging the pickup appointment, it’s important that you follow our packing guidelines and avoid overpacking.

  • How should I pack my bags?

    It’s extremely important that you don’t overpack, as our bags are designed to fit into bins of the same size, and have a weight limit of 40 pounds. This means no misshapen bags stuffed with oddly shaped items like guitars or blow-up pool toys.

    You can use the labels provided in your packing kit to quickly label the contents of each bag. This may seem like an extra step, but it will be really important in helping you easily identify items to be delivered down the road.


  • What is the best way to pack a MakeSpace bin?
    • Try to distribute weight across your bins. Spread heavier items, such as books, across several bins to ensure the bins won't be under too much stress. Keep in mind, we can't take bins weighing over 40 lbs.
    • Pack items together that you'll likely want back at the same time (and make sure you label your bins, too). For example, if you have a dress that you love to wear with a specific pair of heels, pack them together. Put your rain boots with your umbrella. Pack all your Thanksgiving serving pieces together.
    • Roll, don't fold, items like T-shirts or towels to maximize space and reduce wrinkles. Stuff socks and other small items into your shoes, sneakers, and boots to maximize bin or box space and help these items keep their shape.
    • Packing clothes in vacuum-sealed bags is a great way to protect cloth items and make the most of your available space!
  • Can I store items that don’t fit inside a bin at MakeSpace?

    We can store almost anything, from furniture to bicycles, golf clubs to luggage. As long as it doesn't violate our storage rules, we can store it. We don’t store drugs, liquid, food or perishables, explosives, guns, flammables, animals, insects, fungal or bacterial cultures, hazardous or toxic items.

  • Do I have to use MakeSpace bins/bags?

    While not required, we highly recommend using our bins to store any items that will fit in one. These bins are sturdy and help protect your items during transport and storage. You’re welcome to use your own box or bin, but please note that, we only take photos of the interior of our bins.

  • How do I know how many MakeSpace bins I need?

    A MakeSpace bin is three cubic feet, and its dimensions are 27” length x 17” width x 12.5” height. A single bin can hold 12 pairs of shoes, or 30 shirts and 10 sweaters.

    Still not sure what fits inside a bin? Contact MakeSpace Support and a member of our Customer Support team will assist you.

    If you’d like to store heavier items such as books, please spread them across several bins to avoid exceeding 40lbs.

Packing Supplies

  • What packing supplies do you provide, and how much do they cost?

    SpaceMakers will come to your appointment with specialty supplies like TV boxes, wardrobe boxes, lamp boxes, and mattress bags. Supplies are $15* each—but bins, blankets, and bin liner bags are free to use.

    If you do not want to use or pay for our specialty supplies then you should make sure that your item is packed and prepared in your own box or bag. If not we will not be able to accept your item.

    *Prices subject to change

  • Do I have to purchase boxes & mattress bags from MakeSpace?

    No! It’s not required, but we cannot take items like TVs, mirrors, artwork, or lamps without them being properly packed in a sturdy and secure box. If you do not want to use our boxes, please have them packed before your appointment. 

    If you’d like to find an alternative, we suggest checking your local hardware store or a national chain such as Home Depot or Lowe’s. Online retailers such as Amazon and Jet also offer an array of options at multiple price points.

  • If I purchase supplies during my pickup, will MakeSpace pack them for me?

    Our SpaceMakers will be happy to securely wrap and pack larger items like TVs, artwork, mirrors, lamps, and mattresses, as well as help transfer hanging clothing into wardrobe boxes during your appointment. You’ll need to pack smaller items such as dishes, silverware, and clothing before or, if time allows, during your pickup appointment.

  • When will I be charged for the supplies used during my appointment?

    Supply charges, as well as any applicable appointment fees, will automatically be charged to the credit or debit card on file within 24 hours of your appointment.