General Billing Questions

  • When will I be charged?

    When you schedule your first MakeSpace appointment, we’ll charge your credit or debit card for the estimated first month of storage based on the predicted volume of the items you told us we’re picking up. (Note that this charge is based on your estimated storage plan—your plan size won’t be confirmed until your items are picked up and measured).

    The initial charge is then converted into a payment credit which future charges will be deducted from.

    For example:

    If you’re quoted for a 5x5 storage plan at $109/mo, we’ll charge your card for $109 as soon as your appointment is booked. That initial charge is converted into a payment credit of $109.

    If you store fewer items and end up in, say, a 2x4 at $89/mo, we'll deduct $89 from your $109 payment credit for your first month's invoice. The remaining $20 credit will roll over to your next charge.

    If you add items and end up in a larger storage plan, say, a 5x10 at $129/mo, you’ll be charged for the difference ($20 in this example) as soon as your items are processed.

    Additional questions:

    What if I purchase supplies at my Pickup appointment?

    • If you decide to purchase supplies (ex: TV boxes, mattress bags, etc) during your appointment, the charge will be deducted from your payment credit as soon as the appointment is completed. 

    What if I end up in a larger plan than I was quoted?

    • We’ll charge you for the difference once your items are processed and your plan size is confirmed.

    What if I end up in a smaller plan than I was quoted?

    • The additional credit will remain on your account and will be deducted from your next charge—typically your second month of storage.

    What if I cancel my pickup appointment?

    • As long as your appointment is canceled at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled start date, we’ll refund you the full amount. If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, we’ll refund you the deposit, less the $100 cancelation fee.

  • What methods of payment are acceptable?

    We accept credit and debit cards for all one-time and recurring charges. We do not accept prepaid cards, nor do we accept payment by cash, bank check, or certified check. If you are having trouble making payments, please contact our billing department at 917-624-9833 to discuss your options.

Storage Fees

  • What is a storage term?

    MakeSpace’s standard product has a 3-month storage minimum—but you can get some or all of your belongings back as soon as processing is completed (this usually takes 1-5 days, but can take up to 4-6 weeks during peak periods). 

    If you need to remove anything (or everything) from storage before your minimum term is up, we’ll just charge you for the remaining time.

    Unsure of when your month minimum ends? Visit

  • How much space is left in my plan?

    You can view how much cubic footage you are storing by visiting - you’ll see how much your current plan holds and how much you are currently using.

    More questions about your current plan? Visit to speak with a Customer Support Specialist.

  • What's a Prorated Charge?

    Prorated charges are one-off charges that occur when your storage increases between your regular monthly payments. If you add items to your account, you can expect to see that update reflected on your next invoice.

    To calculate a prorated storage fee, we calculate the amount of time your storage increased within the billing period.

    For example, if your established monthly invoice is $59 and you have a pickup appointment halfway through the storage month that increases the value of your storage to $79:

    Value of what you’ll be storing after your pickup: $79

    Difference between what you paid for the month before the pickup and your updated storage: $20 ($79 - $59 = $20)

    Days remaining until your next invoice: 15 days, (or 50% of the total month)

    Prorated charge on next invoice: $10.00 ($20 x .5 = $10)

    The total storage charges on your next invoice would be $89 ($79 for that month’s storage plus the $10 prorated charge from your last month).

Special Circumstances

  • What happens if my account is unpaid?

    If your account is unpaid, you’ll be unable to schedule further appointments or retrieve items until all outstanding invoices have been paid.

    Possible reasons why an account shows as Unpaid:

    • Expired credit card information
    • Incomplete or incorrect billing information
    • Insufficient funds
    • Blocked charges from your bank

    If your account is unpaid, we recommend you:

    • Visit your billing page at to verify and/or update your credit card information.
    • Contact your bank to verify that they’re not blocking charges from MakeSpace. 
    • Give our Billing team a call at 917-624-9833 to discuss in further detail.
  • What happens if my account remains unpaid?

    We understand that life happens. In the event that your invoice remains unpaid at the time your next invoice is generated, a $10 delinquent fee will be added to each subsequent unpaid month.

    If your account is unpaid for longer than 30 days, your items will be at risk of being sold at auction. Before this happens, we’ll make multiple attempts to contact you by phone and email to assist in updating your billing information. 

    In the event that your items are sold at auction, you’ll still be required to pay any remaining outstanding balance. 

    If you are having trouble making payments, please contact our billing department at 917-624-9833 to discuss your options.

  • My account is for a tax exempt organization - will my sales tax be waived?

    If your account is for a tax-exempt organization and you fall within a MakeSpace service area where sales tax applies, please send proof of your tax-exempt status to Once we have this information on file, we'll mark your organization as tax-exempt.