The MakeSpace Store

  • What is the MakeSpace Store?

    The MakeSpace Store is the next step in our mission to make storage easier for city-dwellers. Simply drop off your things to us, and take advantage of free in-store appointments and shorter minimum storage terms on select plans.

    If you live in New York City and want to store or pick up a few smaller items, the MakeSpace store is a convenient (and free!) alternative to a traditional full-service or a self-service appointment.

  • Where is the store located?

    The MakeSpace store is located in New York City at 494 6th Ave, between 12th and 13th.

  • When is the store open?

    Mon-Tues: Closed

    Wed-Sun : 8am-5pm

  • Who can use the MakeSpace Store?

    Anyone in our New York/Northern New Jersey service area! Existing customers can schedule an in-store appointment to retrieve smaller items, or to add smaller items to your existing storage. 

    If you’re not a current MakeSpace customer, you can choose to sign up for our existing long-term offering (with a 3-month storage minimum) or select our new In-Store service with a 1-month storage minimum. 

    Home deliveries are not available for in-store plans, but you can switch to a standard plan at any time!

    To determine which plan is best for you, give us a call or stop by the store and a storage expert will be happy to assist you.

  • What COVID-19 safety precautions should I expect during my visit?

    To prioritize the health and safety of our community, our team will follow current CDC and local guidelines for COVID-19. We request that you do the same during your visit.

    Unvaccinated customers are required to wear a mask at all times while inside the store.


    Please note that MakeSpace reserves the right to deny service to anyone who refuses to comply with these important safety guidelines.

  • Does the MakeSpace store offer any add-on services?

    Yes! You can purchase standard moving and packing supplies at the MakeSpace store, as well as take advantage of our junking and secure disposal services. 

    Moving & Packing Supplies

    • Wardrobe boxes, mirror boxes, and lamp boxes for $20 each*
    • TV boxes for $30 each*
    • Bubble Wrap for $1 for a 3 ft sheet*

    Junking & Disposal Services

    Junking, shredding, and secure disposal are available. Find out more about these services, including pricing, here.

    *Prices subject to change

In-Store Appointments

In-Store Only Storage Plans

  • What is the in-store only storage option?

    If you’re new to MakeSpace and don’t need the option for in-home pickups and dropoffs, you can now sign up for our in-store only storage plan!

    This plan offers free pickup and dropoffs at the MakeSpace Store, and comes with a 1-month minimum storage commitment. 

    If your needs change you can convert to a full-service plan, with in-home pickup and dropoff, at any time. Just keep in mind that full-service storage plans come with a 3-month storage minimum.

  • How are my items protected if I choose the in-store only plan?

    Your items will be covered under the protection plan chosen during sign-up. Read more about protection plans here

  • What kinds of items can I store?

    All items stored on this plan need to weigh below 40 lbs and not be over 4 ft in length, width or height. Additionally, the total size of all items stored must be less than 100 cubic feet. 

    Please don’t store liquids, perishables, or combustibles. See the full list of prohibited items here.