• Is my stuff protected?

    Yes. The safety of your stuff is our top priority. We’ll always handle your stuff with extra care. All storage plans include our Basic coverage ($0.60/pound) for free, or you can upgrade to one of our other monthly plans for additional coverage. But first, check out our storage rules to see what items qualify for coverage and our Terms of Service for more information about our protection plan.

  • Can I come visit your warehouse?

    There is limited access to our facility for security reasons. If you’re unable to schedule an appointment at an address within the local service area for your city, a self-service appointment is the best way to add items to storage or retrieve your existing items. Contact MakeSpace Support with any additional questions.

  • How secure is your warehouse?

    Our warehouses are not open to the public. Each facility is under 24-hour surveillance, equipped with motion detectors, night vision, alarms, and fire sprinklers. Additionally, we do not allow food, liquids, and other perishable items to be stored with MakeSpace, and our facilities are regularly inspected for pests.