• What is the best way to pack a MakeSpace bin?
    • Try to distribute weight across your bins. Spread heavier items, such as books, across several bins to ensure the bins won't be under too much stress. Keep in mind, we can't take bins weighing over 40 lbs.
    • Pack items together that you'll likely want back at the same time (and make sure you label your bins, too). For example, if you have a dress that you love to wear with a specific pair of heels, pack them together. Put your rain boots with your umbrella. Pack all your Thanksgiving serving pieces together.
    • Roll, don't fold, items like T-shirts or towels to maximize space and reduce wrinkles. Stuff socks and other small items into your shoes, sneakers, and boots to maximize bin or box space and help these items keep their shape.
    • Packing clothes in vacuum-sealed bags is a great way to protect cloth items and make the most of your available space!
  • Can I store items that don’t fit inside a bin at MakeSpace?

    We can store almost anything, from furniture to bicycles, golf clubs to luggage. As long as it doesn't violate our storage rules, we can store it. We don’t store drugs, liquid, food or perishables, explosives, guns, flammables, animals, insects, fungal or bacterial cultures, hazardous or toxic items.

  • Do I have to use MakeSpace bins/bags?

    While not required, we highly recommend using our bins to store any items that will fit in one. These bins are sturdy and help protect your items during transport and storage. You’re welcome to use your own box or bin, but please note that, we only take photos of the interior of our bins.

  • How do I know how many MakeSpace bins I need?

    A MakeSpace bin is three cubic feet, and its dimensions are 27” length x 17” width x 12.5” height. A single bin can hold 12 pairs of shoes, or 30 shirts and 10 sweaters.

    Still not sure what fits inside a bin? Contact MakeSpace Support and a member of our Customer Support team will assist you.

    If you’d like to store heavier items such as books, please spread them across several bins to avoid exceeding 40lbs.