• What happens if my account is unpaid?

    If your account is unpaid, you’ll be unable to schedule further appointments or retrieve items until all outstanding invoices have been paid.

    Possible reasons why an account shows as Unpaid:

    • Expired credit card information
    • Incomplete or incorrect billing information
    • Insufficient funds
    • Blocked charges from your bank

    If your account is unpaid, we recommend you:

    • Visit your billing page at makespace.com/account to verify and/or update your credit card information.
    • Contact your bank to verify that they’re not blocking charges from MakeSpace. 
    • Give our Billing team a call at 917-624-9833 to discuss in further detail.
  • What happens if my account remains unpaid?

    We understand that life happens. In the event that your invoice remains unpaid at the time your next invoice is generated, a $10 delinquent fee will be added to each subsequent unpaid month.

    If your account is unpaid for longer than 30 days, your items will be at risk of being sold at auction. Before this happens, we’ll make multiple attempts to contact you by phone and email to assist in updating your billing information. 

    In the event that your items are sold at auction, you’ll still be required to pay any remaining outstanding balance. 

    If you are having trouble making payments, please contact our billing department at 917-624-9833 to discuss your options.

  • My account is for a tax exempt organization - will my sales tax be waived?

    If your account is for a tax-exempt organization and you fall within a MakeSpace service area where sales tax applies, please send proof of your tax-exempt status to support@makespace.com. Once we have this information on file, we'll mark your organization as tax-exempt.