• How much to MakeSpace appointments cost?

    Your first MakeSpace pickup is always free! Beginning on July 14, 2020, all subsequent appointments (delivery and/or pickup) will cost a flat fee of $59. 

  • What are 'Busy Days' and How Do They Work?

    MakeSpace defines 'busy days' as the first three and last three days of the month. You can still book an appointment on these days, but because they see the highest appointment volume, promotional appointment pricing does not apply.

    Busy days do not apply to customers who signed up for MakeSpace after April 2020 and pay a flat-fee of $59 for all appointments 

  • Tipping your SpaceMakers

    Tipping is not required, but certainly appreciated! If you’d like to tip the SpaceMakers for a job well done, you can either give them cash at the appointment or tip through your account for up to 7 days following the appointment. Once your appointment has been completed, you'll see the option to tip your team when logged into makespace.com, or on the homepage of our iOS app.

    You’ll find recommended tip values based on the duration of your appointment and the number of team members, or you can enter a custom amount.

    Whatever you choose to tip will be added to your account as a MakeSpace Service Tip, and will be charged along with your next invoice.

    Please note: 100% of your tips go directly to the team that completes your appointment. 

  • Can I pay the SpaceMakers in cash?

    All appointment fees (including the purchase of supplies) will be charged to the credit or debit card on file after your appointment is completed. While we can’t accept appointment fees in cash, you’re more than welcome to tip your SpaceMakers in cash if you’d prefer. Tipping is also available on our iPhone app and website up to 7 days following your appointment.